Learn More about Under 65 Referral Program

In America, nearly 13,000 people a day turn 65! If you are an insurance agent, you are likely getting healthcare questions from your current clients. Many agents are too busy handling their book of business to venture into selling healthcare themselves. Our team protects your relationship with your clients while ensuring their healthcare insurance needs are taken care of by a knowledgeable and experienced under 65 team. Plus, you can earn a referral fee!

Welcome to the Under 65 Referral Program!

Program Outline:
As a Referring Partner, you can easily refer your healthcare eligible clients and earn a referral fee for every application our agents complete. This program is perfect for professionals who want to provide this valuable service and don’t have time to incorporate into their current business model.


Referral Partners:
Receive a personalized/unique URL
(i.e. u65referralprogram.com/referralpartner)
Share with prospective healthcare eligibles
Prospect completes form on Referring Partner’s URL
Prospects request is transferred via secure communication to Berwick Insurance
Prospect is contacted by Berwick Insurance agent authorized to offer healthcare plans


The Referral Partner MAY NOT complete the form for the healthcare eligible client.
Healthcare plan sales are governed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and there are strict regulations governing how Medicare eligibles and Licensed Insurance Agents can interact.
To ensure proper Permission to Contact (PTC), CMS requires that Medicare eligibles initiate contact with the Insurance Agent authorized to offer Medicare plans.
Referral Partners who complete the form on behalf of a Medicare eligible person forfeits all associated referral fees and may be suspended from the Under 65 Referral Program.

Save money on insurance

Referral Fee:
Fee amounts vary based on state-specific regulations, Medicare product type and CMS protocols. Fees not available in every state.

Fee by Product:
Medicare Advantage Plan (MAPD)*
Medicare Supplement Plan (Med Supp) *
Payment Information:
Confirmed fees are paid when the prospect is enrolled and the plan is effective.

Referring Partner must complete a W9 before payment is released.
*Berwick Insurance Group reserves the right to adjust/change fee amounts to ensure compliance with carrier, state and federal regulations.